A Pioneering History, A Promising Future

Young’s Holdings was built by pioneers of the fine wine and spirits industry, and fortified by generations of dedicated professionals.

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It began with The Young Brothers

In 1888, John G. Young, the eldest of the Young brothers, opened his first retail store at 171 W. Jefferson Street in downtown Los Angeles. By the mid-1920s, Young’s Market Company, their chain of neighborhood retail markets incorporated in 1906, was rapidly expanding throughout Southern California. After Prohibition, Young’s saw a rare opportunity for enormous market growth, and shifted its focus to marketing, sales, and distribution of wines and spirits.

Young’s acquired a wide range of wine and spirits wholesale distributors over the next several decades under the leadership both past of Presidents Vernon O. Underwood Sr. and Jr. The Underwood family bought out the other shareholders, making them the sole owners of Young’s Market Company (and now Young’s Holdings) a century after its founding, and focused the company’s efforts on fine wines and spirits. Under the current leadership of CEO Chris Underwood, Young’s Holdings operates two of the fine wine and spirit industry’s most preeminent companies: Infinium Spirits and Wilson Daniels. Young’s Holdings continues its stewardship of Young’s Market Company, through its partnership with Republic National Distributing Company. In January of 2021, Young’s Market Company, managed by Republic National Distributing Company’s leadership team since August 2019, rebranded as RNDC.

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From second left Bill, Peter and George. John is on the far right.

Our values are what set us apart; they’re the roots upon which our harvest grows.


Our word is our bond. What we say and what we do will always align. Honesty, virtue, and decency inform our every interaction and relationship. This includes building a diverse workforce that represents all voices.


Our company is built on a foundation of strong, enduring relationships. From the brands we promote to the businesses we partner with, quality is paramount. Our customers and suppliers demand the highest-quality service and goods, and we will always go the extra mile to deliver.


Like fine wines and spirits, people need love, patience, and guidance in order to reach their true potential. This means embracing, pushing, and empowering them, while also emphasizing the importance of cultivating strong relationships with their own families and friends. Our people are our company’s future. By building positive work relationships and experiences today, our employees thrive tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Young’s Holdings was founded upon a bold, brash entrepreneurial American spirit. Entrepreneurship requires balancing risks and taking leaps of faith. We therefore encourage bravery, empowering individuals, and embracing creativity. Young’s employees dig deep, act boldly, and consistently help push the company forward.

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Underwood Family Foundation

The Underwood Family Foundation is dedicated to impacting and improving the communities where we live and work. Our main aims have been environmental conservation and community improvement projects. We also partner with Habitat for Humanity in their efforts to restore communities and rebuild homes. 

We believe that it’s our responsibility to pass on our values to the next generation, which is why the Adrienne and Vernon O. Underwood Scholarship Program was first established in 2001. Since then, it has helped 169 promising, college-bound students of Young’s employees pay for their college education.

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Responsibility and Sustainability

At Young’s Holdings, we encourage only responsible consumption of alcohol. Together, we partner with our suppliers, partners, customers, and communities to set a positive example and advocate for safe and smart drinking practices. We do this via education and awareness classes for new hires, a taxi program for Young’s Holdings employees, and Employee Assistance Programs for employees who need help managing their alcohol use.

Jennifer Tapper